I discovered a few years ago that there are no free options for creating an XLSX Excel spreadsheet on non-Windows machines in C++. I decided to write an MIT licensed library to fix that. It turned out to be significantly more complicated than I recently imagined. The format is a reflection of the decades of […]

Mandarin Dock

If you’ve ever used OS X, you know what an application launcher is. It’s a bar (or some other shape) containing application icons which allows you to start a program by clicking on the associated icon. There are of course many other features that make it more interesting. One of the obvious features is showing […]

Generating AppUserModelIds

This article is part of a series documenting the challenges and solutions discovered during the creation of my application launcher, WinDock (I should probably work on a better name for that). An AppUserModelId, not to be confused with a COM AppId, is used by Windows to uniquely identify an application. The official documentation can be […]