Wherever I May Roam

Last year I came across a post on Hacker News about a startup called The Caravanserai which was attempting to create a global co-living and co-working community and whose name evoked images of travelers on the Silk Road in ages past. I signed up to be a beta tester and promptly forgot about it. In […]

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! I decided a few days ago that I should put my domain, fussell.io, to good use and set up a place to share my thoughts. I helped my friend, Neyu, migrate her WordPress installation to a new host recently, my first real exposure to WP, and it was surprisingly nice […]


I discovered a few years ago that there are no free options for creating an XLSX Excel spreadsheet on non-Windows machines in C++. I decided to write an MIT licensed library to fix that. It turned out to be significantly more complicated than I recently imagined. The format is a reflection of the decades of […]

My Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Gear List

Backpack 50 liters should be plenty. I like Osprey and Granite Gear Don’t use a rain coverĀ it’s too much trouble to put on and weighs too much. Instead, line backpack with a trash bag to make it waterproof (trash compactor bags are more durable; you can find them at the grocery story beside the trash […]

The Machine

After I decided to make a long-distance journey on a motorcycle, I had many things to figure out. The first thing to figure out was which bike I should ride. One of my early inspirations was the Paris-Dakar rally. Reading about that, I came across Charley Boorman’s documentary about the rally, Race to Dakar, and […]

On to Shanghai

My first attempt at going to Shanghai from Beijing didn’t go very well. I went to the main train station to buy my ticket as I couldn’t figure out the all-Mandarin ticket sales website. At the ticket office, I handed over my piece of paper indicating where I wanted to go, which train, and at […]

Mandarin Dock

If you’ve ever used OS X, you know what an application launcher is. It’s a bar (or some other shape) containing application icons which allows you to start a program by clicking on the associated icon. There are of course many other features that make it more interesting. One of the obvious features is showing […]

Welcome to Beijing

I’ll never forget how it felt pulling into Beijing on the train, the same train I had been on for seven days straight. I had been sure we were approaching the station for a good two hours as the city kept growing and growing. The changes began with a view of the mountains on the […]

One Train, Seven Days, Siberia, Winter

I’m writing this for friends, family, and anyone else who might be interested in travelling. For a little background, I recently completed a trip around the world travelling by land (and a little water) from France to South Korea over three months. All together I went around 29,000 miles (47,000km) with 18,000 (29,000km) of those […]

Eight things I learned during my three months around the world

Always have a person in your photographs. Without that, you can find a hundred images of any place on Google Images. There’s often a good reason certain places are popular for tourists. Sometimes it’s okay to stay on the beaten path. Generally, it’s better not to post photos on Facebook while travelling. It’s too easy […]