New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! I decided a few days ago that I should put my domain,, to good use and set up a place to share my thoughts. I helped my friend, Neyu, migrate her WordPress installation to a new host recently, my first real exposure to WP, and it was surprisingly nice […]


I discovered a few years ago that there are no free options for creating an XLSX Excel spreadsheet on non-Windows machines in C++. I decided to write an MIT licensed library to fix that. It turned out to be significantly more complicated than I recently imagined. The format is a reflection of the decades of […]

My Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Gear List

Backpack 50 liters should be plenty. I like Osprey and Granite Gear Don’t use a rain coverĀ it’s too much trouble to put on and weighs too much. Instead, line backpack with a trash bag to make it waterproof (trash compactor bags are more durable; you can find them at the grocery story beside the trash […]

The Machine

After I decided to make a long-distance journey on a motorcycle, I had many things to figure out. The first thing to figure out was which bike I should ride. One of my early inspirations was the Paris-Dakar rally. Reading about that, I came across Charley Boorman’s documentary about the rally, Race to Dakar, and […]