On to Shanghai

My first attempt at going to Shanghai from Beijing didn’t go very well. I went to the main train station to buy my ticket as I couldn’t figure out the all-Mandarin ticket sales website. At the ticket office, I handed over my piece of paper indicating where I wanted to go, which train, and at […]

Mandarin Dock

If you’ve ever used OS X, you know what an application launcher is. It’s a bar (or some other shape) containing application icons which allows you to start a program by clicking on the associated icon. There are of course many other features that make it more interesting. One of the obvious features is showing […]

Welcome to Beijing

I’ll never forget how it felt pulling into Beijing on the train, the same train I had been on for seven days straight. I had been sure we were approaching the station for a good two hours as the city kept growing and growing. The changes began with a view of the mountains on the […]