You might say I like to travel. Here's where I've been so far (working on filling in the rest):

I also write about my travels in more detail on my blog. Some of the trips I've written about are:

I'm a computer programmer by trade (though I've also dabbled in bagging groceries). At the College of Charleston, I studied Discovery Informatics which prepared me for work in data science, bioinformatics, and other scientific computing. That said, I'm just as happy writing epidemiological models in C++ as I am hacking on a node API.

Check out my résumé here. My LinkedIn profile is here. And I keep most of my work on GitHub.

Feel free to send me an email if you think my skills would be a good match for work you need done.

I build personal projects for one of two reasons--to learn more about a subject or because it's something that would be useful to other people (including myself). Significant projects I've worked on are as follows: